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Ensembles in Residence


The International Academy ECOS is an initiative from Taller de Músicas Históricas de la Universidad de Murcia that attracts young musicians of every nationality specialized in ancient music. These Resident Ensembles come to Sierra Espuña to work, rehearse, giving concerts and to be formed in communication, production tasks, musical marketing and branding, in addition to prepare promotional material with the goal of pushing their careers.


The main goal of the residence programme is to give a boost to young talent and knowledge in early music, assisting young ensembles in expanding their artistic skills and getting involved with the professional market through:


– High-quality artistic training, by means of masterclasses given by internationally renowned teachers.

– A workspace with outstanding conditions during the stay.

– Assistance with the creation of own audiovisual material: photographic material and a professional video.

– Marketing and communication tools.

– Promotion and advertising through all ECOS and Early Music Project´s networks and media .

– Two public concerts to become familiar with organizing concerts before varied audiences, promotion and development of programmes proposals according to the concerts promoters expectations.



Ensembles selected

del 25 al 27 de Julio
Hotel “Jardines de la Santa”

Resident ensembles chronology

Ensembles 2018