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Basso Continuo Intensive Course


Basso Continuo Intensive Course (Spanish acronym: CIBC) deals with the need to boost, promote, unify and organize the study and practice of baroque music accompaniment; essential part without which the language, in which the whole repertoire from this time is written, could not be understood.


Currently, the study of Continuo is greatly hampered by the lack of published material for learning purposes. It is also hard to access, expensive, and in foreign languages. Furthermore, its practice is difficult to be reflected in writing. Due to the fact that teaching Continuo is rather recent in Spain, this course helps plan and understand its teaching methodology in a few hours. It is an activity where teachers and students enrich one another, and methodology gets refined and broadened by its organized and collective study.


It is aimed at all sorts of students who are finishing their studies at professional or higher conservatories of music, or those who are able to prove the same or higher level than the one requested. Nevertheless, experience in the study of Early Music is reccomended and a minimum management of harmonic and contrapuntal language is assumed in line with the studies requested.

The course will take place between 19-20 July and the registration fee will be 80 euros per person. The fee includes, apart from the classes with the teacher and the materials, the attendance to the concert given by Pablo Zapico along with his brother Daniel Zapico on 18 July in the framework of ECOS de Sierra Espuña Festival, and the students concert on 19 July at El Berro. Moreover, up to 10 beds will be available at Albergue Juvenil de Mula for the 10 first registrations applying for it.


Pablo Zapico


July 19-20


Convento de San Francisco de Mula

Number of students


Registration deadline

1 May


80€ per person


Registration Form