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ECOS FESTIVAL 2020 launches the group selection process for the digital meetings of ECOS LAB 2020, revolving around the question “WHAT CAN EARLY MUSIC CONTRIBUTE IN THE 21st CENTURY?”, with the aim of inspiring young ensembles to build a socially relevant artistic proposal revolving around heritage.


The meetings, in webinar format, will be offered by relevant personalities from the Early Music sector, and are aimed mainly at young musicians and emerging groups both in the field of Early Music (preferably) and classical music at the beginning of their professional careers. The selected groups, based on their artistic level and projection, as well as the innovation and interest in the format of their concert, will take part in these meetings of their choice with the four relevant people who make up the table, and will take place every day from 27th to July 30th, 2020. ECOS LAB is supported by the University of Murcia, R.E.M.A. and Acción Cultural Española AC/E. The meetings are completely free.


Monday, July 27th: The value of Early Music

    • Language: English.
    • Topic: How can an early music group be relevant to the festivals where it performs, the cities it visits, its country of origin…? Create value around our project through interactions with other sectors, institutional relations and international collaboration.
    • Speakers: 
      • Albert Edelman – R.E.M.A. President (European Network of Early Music) and artistic coordinator of the Concertgebouw Brugge.
      • Giulio Prandi – Director of the Choir and Orchestra Ghislieri and Vice President of R.E.M.A.
      • Raquel Andueza – President of G.E.M.A. (Association of Spanish Early Music Groups) and artistic director of the Estella Early Music Week.
      • Richard Heason – Director of St John’s Smith Square and the London Festival of Baroque Music. Vice President of R.E.M.A.

Tuesday, July 28th: New concert formats

    • Language: English.
    • Topic: find new ways of presenting Early Music to encourage public interest and allow it to reach new audiences through the development of new concert formats. New performative concepts, new technologies, the relationship with other communicative and artistic languages, audience interaction, spatial arrangement and the identity connection with the concert venue will be explored.
    • Speakers:
      • Daniel Broncano – Clarinetist and Director of the Festival Música en Segura.
      • Joanna Broniec – Manager of the Kraków Paschalia Mystery Festival and member of the Executive Board of R.E.M.A.
      • Miguel Ángel Marín – Director of the musical program of the Fundación Juan March.
      • Pierre Bornachot – Deputy and artistic director of the Center Culturel de Rencontre de Ambronay and representative of EEEmerging.

Wednesday, July 29th: Disclosure in the digital age

    • Language: Spanish.
    • Topic: discover and contrast different ways and styles of spreading heritage and Early Music in the media and social networks. Formulas will be sought to make the work of Early Music groups attractive through new technologies and communication.
    • Speakers:
      • Clara Sánchez – Programmer and presenter at Radio Clásica and head of communication at Ibermúsica.
      • Miguel Ángel Cajigal (@elbarroquista) – Broadcaster and art historian.
      • Mario Guada – Editor-in-chief of the specialised magazine Codalario.
      • Susana Castro – Editor-in-Chief of the specialised magazine Melómano.

Thursday, July 30th: New concert formats

    • Language: Spanish.
    • Topic: discuss the choice of a repertoire and the development of a concert programme, to highlight the cultural identity of the territory. We will also look for ways to aid the recovery of the musical heritage and that can also help us find a personal style and identity of programming for our project.
    • Speakers:
      • Javier Estrella – Director of the Early Music Festival of Aranjuez and Spanish National Heritage advisor.
      • Montse Faura – Director of the Torroella de Montgrí Music Festival.
      • Pepe Mompeán – Music Advisor for the Community of Madrid.
      • Xavier Blanch – Oboist and Head of the Early Music Department of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya.

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